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has made, he has stated one of the strongest arguments for
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ulcer had at once healed. In " trophic " lesions of the skin, loss
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forehead; the cheeks, the arm, or the palm of the hand.
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which may be increased by adding about half an ounce of
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exhibiting fears that I was ' taking him to a gaol,' and that he had
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yards, I instantly pronounced it a case of aneurism ; and, on
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me. In regard to the other condition, the tubercular
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when advancing, it is oblong, tapering somewhat posteriorly ;
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and gradually makes its way upward to the internal os. The metal tube is
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roomy vagina by this method the removal of the uterus is quickly
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this, the court adds that if the defendant should show, on the
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ing, but a specially called meeting of the State Board of Health of Ken-
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Patient has occasionally tried to get up of her own accord, but
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to the liver, are sometimes due to the active lowering treatment
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food, in about two-thirds of his cases among mules in Burma.
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pr. NV. K. Hii!i>sAi.i. saw no necessity for assuming,' a lesion
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from a case of pleurisy, gelatine, and agar-
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and 175 cases of scarlet fever reported to our Health Board.
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Two fingers of the left hand are then passed into the bladder through

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