Clonidine Dose In Infants

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viously described, should be performed on any premeno-

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available evidence it is a plausible explanation. However,

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of the country in that it is responsible for the spread of Sand Fly Fever,

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arrest in the hospital or emergency room survived to be

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north-east monsoon a pool, deeply shaded, formed under the bank

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arthritis is unknown. At present, therapy is instituted with a

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their pension benefits. Individuals with no prior military

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surface of the blood diu-ing inflammation, but does not so rise

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twenty-seven years of age^ and first came under my notice

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urged to participate in such a meeting, and in the study of desirable

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occasion dropsies, but also whatever impedes the passage of the

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{Read before the Clinical Society of Maryland, Feb. 15M.)

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will take him considerable time to rebuild his practice. I

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chief change is in the sinuses. These are very wide and packed with

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from fat and fascia, of about 250 grm. weight through a Bunsen flame to

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all his facts and experiments, he concludes, not that he had

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or other poisons, being sometimes taken into the habit, with-

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vessels, and attend them through their minutest ramifications.

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cartilage are similar in the two diseases. In the records of

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carcinogen adducts and they could be most useful in localiz-

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brain apparently normal. Vertebral and basilar arteries slightly

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differential diagnosis of difficult problems, x-ray studies and

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'' Medical Literature, 8vo, Lend. 1813, •' Philosophical Magazine, or Annals, &c.

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A3-227' SPIROCH^ETA PALLIDA.— (1) Grind up in a mortar a

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the more to be attended to, as these vesicles have been supposed

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for a coolie bathing place, the water, about 5 feet deep and rising to

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14. Paraphrase of JA Zapp’s letter to the editor. Carcinogenic

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notes that the spleen is not so enlarged as in lobar Pneumonia. Lyon (^^)

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e. Obesity is best diagnosed using calipers to measure

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and, occasionally, participating in teaching rounds and

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1873 Smith, "William Johnson, Surgeon to the Seamen's

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tional Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,

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