Compazine Parkinsons

of the two diseases are better known, and confusion is seldom possible. The

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mnnicated to the Faculty before presentation. At the oral examina-

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ple of the latter in a boy ten years old, undoubtedly due to hysteria. A

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disturbance of multiple sclerosis can be called an actual tremor only in part

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lesions of the nerves have in themselves no tendency to extend upward in the

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peutics, Principles and Practice of Medicine, Principles and Practice

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gangrenous parts slough off. The process may be attended by fever and

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year in the examination for the degree. Awarded in 1936 to Mayer Hyman, S.B.

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Thomas Addison Baird, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.

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medical legidation a " Oolonial " qiialiflcatian, means a qnaliflnatinn gzanied in the Biitlih Empire,

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addition, marked insomnia occasionally exists, while other cases frequently

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but it is to be distinguished from the hereditary spastic paralysis above

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ment. We have several times seen quite good results from aspirin in doses

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zation in general. Xine years later (1870) appeared the famous treatise of

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of the crossed lateral fibers, and the anterior fibers

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least three-fourths of the lectures in the class for the current session. The

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at night, getting out of bed, wandering about the house in the darkness, and

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whole period. The Medical College course of instruction extends over

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possible. We usually find three painful points — one near the vertebral col-

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compazine parkinsons

3. Certification of the candidate's fulfilment of the foreign-language requirements.

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posed to attacks of intercurrent disease which readily prove fatal. If he es-

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The instruction in the Normal School is arranged in such a manner as to give

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