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loss of consciousness, or at least a decided clouding of consciousness. The

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highest degree. The atrophy is often, but not always, partly concealed by a

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little tlil. °' ^^'"^ procedure fs wry sffl^le and takes very

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the Identity by checking those characteristics; describ^ for^ a given fish

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ples and Practice of Surgery," 4 dols. 80 cents; Leishman's "Mid-

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bility of mental exertion. The patient's ordinary mental work no longer goes

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After death, due chiefly to abnormally high temperature — that is to say,

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will be of this grade. Between U.S. Ho. 1 and U.S. ffe. 2 Is an Intersiedlate gr«te. far

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movements of the extremities being probably limited chiefly to its motor

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Terry, Septimus, 21, Camhridge'Street, Pimlico. S.W.

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pears in the urine (so-called lactosuria). Milk-sugar gives the reduction

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plant at the tlse of aaturl^, and on «irwi§h the processinf, Inspmien, hwidllnf,

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(c) Afttr dtttti or cittiiaiitslo tbt ^1 lowing st^M te to Hght

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show a slight quantitative diminution, as careful examinations have taught us.

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ical picture described by Charcot is found in its entirety only in a compara-

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Flechsig's hypotheses have been strongly opposed, especially on the anatomical

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Thus, by eliminating methods of practice, and accepting general

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including an Account of the Chemical Changes ocourrmg in Disease. By ABTHra

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Persons desirous of receiving a six months' certificate of attendance^

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^teOor, vAOi Dr. Forbes Wirulaw, cf "A Guide to tke Medical Prcfeenon," Ac.,

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Double License of the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Edi/n^

losartan potassium info

every time that the cathode is passed across the side of the larynx, there is a

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ch.iJ^I^ ""^^^ states. Federal Specification PP-C.24SH requires that, "The product

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