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valedictory address. Dr. Bowditch has been added to the host of
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convoluted brains, Gyrencephala, and for Man he formed the sub-
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starch solution; silver nitrate and tannic acid — in diarrhoea,
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tonucau and Greenhow, the recent lectures of Trousseau and Clark,
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peared to have been formed. The case is still under treatment, and
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regard to furloughs was first adopted, the abuses were found so
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been the more fully impressed upon my mind, in view of the suc-
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retort or a still, by heat, and conduction of the vapor
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experience seems to prove that the best chance is held out for tho
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inpfs, and to relievo the bowels, 01. ricini 5 i. was ordered to be
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appointment of one permanent secretary. Under the rules of the Association,
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pupil are divided into two classes : (1) those that contract
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A fissure in the upper lip, on the middle line, is quite rare. Leuck-
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Messrs. Tilden, whose medicinal preparations are so extensively and
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groove extending over the entire length of the convex edge.
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with corresponding betterment in the local pathological
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upper part of the chest yielded the normal vesicular resonance on
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In debility : Iron, Strychnine, Arsenic, (full diet)
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Christison {Edin. Phil. Trans., 1836, p. 1383). When the seeds or leaves of hem-

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