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sclerosis ; viz ; an ascending hemiplegia complicated
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which should be used late in the winter, but before the buds
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The Origin of Abscess of the Liver.— Dr. Tma(iiici{ also
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Prizes for the brightest scholars are unjust. It is not the bright
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tually have cutaneous manifestations. These may be pete-
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ing from the enlarging uterus ; third, an easy outlet for
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Dr. Davis addqd that on the X-ray plate the nail looked as if it were 3 in.
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but one coat, or at the most two coats, need be applied.
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times following the puncture ; and I remember, when a stu-
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may be unstable conditions of the nervous system, of congenital origin,
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tables from different workers and concludes that the normal content
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inflammations of the alimentary canal may assume a vesicular character,
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probably be uo lack of cases willing to submit to the
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shaft) it is divided with a degree of violence, the effects of
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with Bright's disease, but they are to be considered as concomitant, not
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expenditure targets and the Medicare budget. The meeting
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being one of the most violent he had ever witnessed. The family tell me
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xxix, 55-59. — Storch ( C. ) Zur Anwendung des Ese-
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Fig. 5. Albuminuric Neuroretinitis. This occurs in the various forms of
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the tongue, and motion of other muscular parts was preserved. On the fol-
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comprised in the corpora striata, having lost none of their power,
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Case II (A4055.31).— F. S., a man, aged fifty years, had been

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