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sions are drawn that glycerin should not have been used with it as

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the case of an imbecile who had a brain weighing 70^

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tated the brain and mind to such a degree that the j

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now prominently before the profession, namely, the giv-

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crimes. But this difference has become greatly diminished within the

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Where his judgment tells him that nothing should be

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crossed sticks. The two sticks are the optic ner\-es.

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twelve, twelve to eighteen, eighteen to tw r enty-four months and

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2. Spleen: — cells of the Malpighian sacculi and pulp: thickened

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done, by the secretion from ordinary suppurating sores on the

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Among the female admissions to the Manteno State Hos-

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inquiry. Such a fair inquiry, judicial and equitable, is pro-

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courses of instruction required for graduation, shall be held in the same year.

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book is given up to a discussion of the practical bearing

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physicians, in connection with the obtaining of a burial

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Dover's poAvder, or of carbonate of soda may be given with it, according to

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Doctor in 1599). During his travels he became familiar

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was found to be bluish in color, and the femoral artery

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Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology, Fort Wayne College of Medicine.

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In the Louisville Journal Medicines and Surgery, February,

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Bromoform, or bromide of formyle, is a compound in which

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* The work was done at the Bacteriolofjical Laboratory at the University of Chicaf^o

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attack is generally denoted by a chill, with or without rigors ; the chill,

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tion of disease, blood sugar, carbohydrate balance, fat

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Glioma : its Clinical Chnraclcrs of Maliynanaj and Microscopical

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cal center. There are countless opportunities for the interested physician to perform

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tapeworm are found in the vermiform appendix ; the writer

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