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the Greek, with a Preliminary Discourse and Annota-

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some other bodily force (like the arterial impulse, for example),

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redoubled severity, and he came once more to the hospital,

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this rule of checking the indications of the pulse with

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down to the- aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle —

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as causative factors. Syphilis as a factor in the production of the disease

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He denied venereal disease and there was no history' of mis-

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surfaces may be treated as a simple burn, and flour or starch

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began in February, 1912, at the age of 20 months, on the backs of the hands

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tumors in the uterus. But they also occur without perceptible dis-

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such a cause than to consider it as the consequence of the mere mixture

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toms of the syndrome are poor memory, headache, fatigue,

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trogression or change, but it would appear as if the en-

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cortical sclerosis. The framework is denser, and secondarily the nerve fibres

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by a. medical referee of the Office after a regular professional consultation with

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chloroform is used, it should be administered in the simplest

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In another case. Miss B., a?t. 20. consulted me Feb. 16, 1863;

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vine tuberculosis can be eradicated even when the hu-

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]. Biiitini: Arch, per leScIenzeMedlcbe, xlt., No. 16. p.809<abetnu:t inClbl. f. BakL. 1S9S,

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the processes of inflammation, until the entire intesti-

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In the eight cases of the German collective investigation the popliteal

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liability insurance company endorsed by the State Medical

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solution there is no reason to anticipate any difficulties.

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of the indican, as to whether it was due to the decompo-

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were not actively handled, were not thoroughly medi-

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ating Room, Emergency Room. Second- and third-year placements are made

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arms have also increased, but not in the same proportion. The muscles

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rooms, and these suggestions in general, I am glad to state,

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equally applicable here, except that the adynamic condition appears

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the true hemeralope. They can see while the latter cannot, but they have no

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part devoted to the special examination of the cranial nerves. Here

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there was effective some form of energy of a powerful

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was iired ; that he was looking at it, and remembered distinctly to

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tions, produced an eczema just where it came in contact with

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time on account of palpitation. For a time her weight went up, the

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pin's head to a No. 2 shot. No miliary granulations

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though not altogether convincing ; it is, however, admitted that the

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classes of cases. The Atkinson Morley Hospital, at Wimble-

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55% of all the discharge records in the analytic data set and

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It is only 35 years since the first cholecystotomy was per-

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