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of the femoral artery, and that the amputation should be primary, as
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of the vulvar integument from the mons veneris to the navicular fossa,
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weather and the fact that at this season there are com-
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would be hypocampae. Vicq d'Azyr's last reference to
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liAEtfNEc; an opinion which, he informs us, is founded on the observations
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difference between pelvic hematocele and each of these complaints.
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that of last year, and all the estimates of exports double the amount
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became much worse and more uniform. At 3 p.m. Dr. Lumsden was
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and beef-tea thickened with biscuit-powder is his chief food.
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is exhibited by J. S. and A. B. Wyon. It struck us that the
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valviilar apparatus is perfect, and, a fortiori, when
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morbid change is increased vascularity of the skin, accompanied with a
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vaso-motor disturbance in the liver and consequent exces-
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two, that " it is inexpedient to grant the demand of the staff
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after section of the nerves, this is no longer possible.
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believed to be identical. The same remedies were applied
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plication is the elongation and contraction of the orifice of the fore-
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these primal efforts to supply the profession with the demanded pro-
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has given rise to a continuous inflammation extending into the ductus
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or slight delirium exists. During the short apyrexia the patient is
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symptoms, the patient was brought to the table in a collapsed
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N. Y., 1899, XV, 565-567. — MalinowNki (A.) Kilka
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with four papillae between the conical lips. The female is 3 mm. long.
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ing to relieve the headajche and mental dulness, which he
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Treatment must be begun at once, and consists mainly in con-
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that it was essential, and Dr. Smith himself had admitted
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hang down and protrude at the orifice. If it is the an-
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The First Lactic Ferment Product Put Up in Fluid Form in Separate Tubes or Doses for
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extraction as carried out, was incomplete. The results, however, are
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684 pp. Price, $3. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Company. 1894.
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greenish color. This depends on the admixture of unchanged bOe,
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House of Delegates affirm dates and locations for annual
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health. Nature has kindly looked after man's wants in this
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(c) The writers on the Irish Flora appear to have been very deficient in
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however, the patient is compelled to live in the endemic area, and
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Physician" to the Charity Hospital of that city. To
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surgeon who, while prepared to do a radical operation, is yet conservative.
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Ulcerations may heal with the production of cicatrices,

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