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shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a

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at the top or sides so that it can be properly washed out. With a little

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"6. The limits of the antagonism when such existed.

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agent either acts by its chemical affinity for certain forms of tissue and

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O'Leary, James Lee, s, San Antonio, Tex. Ph.D. '28.

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butter, an old cock, siiga candy, and powdered amber. Now,

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sound, and the description of the technique in the Wassermann test

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have been erected, and their unfamiliarity with the

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politan Hospital, died last week at the ripe age of

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Unquestionably the source of the hemorrhage was the open bloodvessel sup-

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The microorganism which has been shown to he constantly associated

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points. A man, after suffering for some months from sore throat, became an

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On examining the bronchus externally, there was found to issue

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the custom to elect the senior member of the Council who was

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us that charcoal obtained from the more solid vege-

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drawn through the arms and legs of the chair. The chief ad-

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Prognosis. — A cardiac lesion implies a damaged heart, but

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but it is only possible to reproduce a few of these.

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the point of leakage, go at once to it and so save the

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attainable and the number allowed b}^ the inspector, and is printed

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sician to the East London Hospital for Children. New (second) edition. Specially

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body dark in colour, smooth, and dry. Nipples not pigmented.

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twenty-four hours. When acute Tetanus terminates favourably,

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injuries at the wrist from falls upon the palm of the hand, instead of be-

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fords easy recognition. It is estimated by some authors

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and myelitis, and to notice very briefly the structural

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acterized by enlargement of the lymphatic glands and of the spleen,

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with ripened alkaline (Loeffler's) methylene blue numerous minute bodies, stained

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concentration of the medium and its eventual changes, most of the

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useful Memoranda and Tables. Fifth Edition. 18mo. cloth, 6s.

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exacerbations as just referred to demand, above all else, per-

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centres; all liad been carried away, but removal of

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patient was suffering from a gonorrheal epididymitis in the

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Affairs because they do not meet the set criteria for the

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the foreigners' profits in developing Argentine resources have "been

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off, as he assumes, the afferent fibres of both auditory nerves on their way

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quantity of urine having a grass green colour. Indigo given

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