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acquire a diameter of g$o"th of an inch, and the single primitive

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To explain the displacement of the air within the bronchi

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in tonsillar cultures, taken in situ. Davis, 3 in a series of cultures from

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were included within the same blood corpuscle, we have seen the

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1 Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, 1905, p. 193.

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practice midwifery, until he has obtained a certificate of registra-

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sions of attendance at a regularly constituted medical

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of chloroform are to be dissolved in 60 of oil wards of 22,000 persons in England and

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— the lacrymal ducts, the Ilustachian tubes and middle ears,

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that the diagnosis of mouth sepsis should be made by

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that, with healthy kidneys, complete suppression is usually without any

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written, owing to " the absence of a complete work in English on the

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dentistry before the passing of the recent act regulat-

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the urine of two plaj ers who had refrained from drink-

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they slowly supervene in the course of weeks or months in more chronic cases.

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the leg of the rabbit, from I to 3 c.c. would be required

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On the General Principles which should he observed in the Con-

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houses — that is, dwellings in which two or more cases of can-

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your Committee, where it has appeared in its severest anginose form, and

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of your study, such as Psychology, on which a course of lectures is

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to be at least twice the normal size. The thickened ureter

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be administed in a little milk, the dose being increased, if necessary, to thirty or

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veins. If, on the contrary, it be administered to him during

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Dr. Whiting: There are some things that I should like to

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out most readily in the beginning of winter, increase till the

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upon common sense, and from it, as have other sciences

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stant manipulation of the nipple through the intimate

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was on the fifth day after admission and during these days its fever

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passages would form in the soft parts adjacent to the bones.'

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lutely and completely within our control, we shall pass at one bound from the

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tion for scholarships, and in the treatment of minor ailments — we suggest

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methods of dosage may be of no value in the actual control or

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cannot be traced. The Urbana family claim descent from

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Towards the middle of July, 1916, he had an attack of digestive disturbance,

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coming to necropsy from the Cook County and Presbyterian hospitals,

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