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bring it to a definite volume and measure with a manometer the

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of the most famous disputants of antiquity, Carneades, was

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peau, 1890. — 5. Bulkley. Maryland Med. Journ. Sept. 1891. — Idem. "Psoriasis,

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certain that even to this day no physician, however great

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in ladies, and other persons with delicate skins, this thickening does

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found one of the best. Its action appears to be assisted by substitution

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crusts or scars." It is common in South China, the Straits Settlements,

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establish the fact that this trouble was due to spasm of the internal

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mistaken for genuine epilepsy. On the other hand, few, with the excep-

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doing is the pursuit of gratification for oneself by means of injury to

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I have said, is not a cause of idiocy or insanity unless there be disease

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one from the other. But psoriasis may occur primarily on the nails (Hardy,

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The treatment of acute traumatic neurasthenia is fortunately in many

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recorded a case of E. urticatum in the course of acute infective osteo-

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Pringle, J. J. Clin. Soc. Trans, vol. xviii. 1885.— 13. Richardson, B. W.

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the percentage of persons tried in the various classes, groups, and

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[It is impossible by means of supplements to keep a work of this kind

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This is the condition properly called rosacea. It often extends over the

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or combinations for action and series of acts, by slight stimulus appear to

ensemble definition francais

The first translated Lucretius into blank verse ; the second

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was replaced by collagenous substance. The intradermal muscles were

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The diathetic views of the older French writers, although still

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favour with its members. In fact, his chance of obtaining the appoint-

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form pittings on the surface of the nail-plate ; these may be perfectly

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little agitated, the more he tried by pressure with the hand to steady his

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Evidence of the possible implication of the cerebrum is to be found in

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fatigued in their turn, the attempt to write must cause further confusion.

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direct antagonism to the laws of social life. Another important dis-

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semblance between the two is very close ; and nothing but a careful

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cannot but believe that the heredity has been at times assumed to exist.

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solution of naphthol in alcohol, or a 5 per cent naphthol ointment, may

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already existing. One of my patients, a man of intelligence and an

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should be kept apart by dressings of linen covered with whatever oint-

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aureus and the Streptococcus pyogenes. Probably yet other organisms,

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similar as they are, they may be of different species, producing different

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The amount of irritation of the skin varies considerably. In some a

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upper vascular layers, and that the deeper parts of the corium are but.

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express his desire to do so on form 7, which will be supplied to him.

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the eye and ear is seen ; the muscles are stronger, the head is held erect,

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chief factor ; in the case of the sweat-glands, although vascular dilatation

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