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lege, took place on November 1st. They would appear to have been of rather

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stantly seen some of Grotte's patients, and the results

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tissue corpuscles contribute to the round-celled infiltration, as has

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diluted with a small amount of water it is not unpal-

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digestion. Saccharine, or starchy food, requires abundant saliva and

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Dr. H. A. Cottell: Some years ago, when this antiseptic-midwifery

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sudden thermometric and barometric changes have been adduced as

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took and carried into effect all the preventive as well as cura-

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without further addition)— for instance, " pryecornu " and

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a good photograph of the larynx, which can afterward be

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the skin." Dr. Drake, who describes the epidemic from reports col-

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in others the disease at first may be confined to a toe,

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disturbed. What government they have is of a patriachal

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some certain other internal organs, are mainly involved. It is obvious,

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tering the seeds about. Found in the damp woods of Canada

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elevated temperature, anorexia, etc. ; but with the ex-

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men for active military service at the front. From New York YYYYYYYYYY. 15.670

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subdivisions that have been made, all depending for their existence

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ishing difference in the condition of the patient is apparent.

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Gentlemen, do you have any idea what percentage of bodies

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Medical Imperial Examining Board is one which might be

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pi. . Della iniuuta fabbrica degli occhi de' ditteri.

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Approaching death from haemorrhage is manifested by great

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of hydatids during the last twelve months is perhaps the somewhat

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imitate nature very perfectly in appearance and motion.

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year's duration, which come to treatment late. In these the

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(6) Response to solution of sugar (one ounce in half a pint

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a more important question than has ever before been presented to a

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Dk. J. Allison Hodges, Richmond: Just for a moment, at the request

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der Pflege des Neugebornen in Ungarn; ethiiograpliisehe

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tabetics have not unfrequently lost, to some extent, the sense of

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objects, however, to one project of this society, that of creating

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