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time of Alibert, have been made on human beings one only seems to have

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^ ; when the diet is solved for this level it would be:

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lung in health from a violent strain, or rupture in tuberculosis,

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which we speak, she was affected with a troublesome cough,

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either developed as a tumour or infiltrated : its shape is

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at about 115 F. Note the amount of water evaporated,

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Quick response differentiates you from all other physi-

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and pustules may occur on the surface, which may be ulcerated

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bowel gives rise to very prominent constitutional symptoms, while the

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immediate vicinity of the stream in question. Some years

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5 Hull, A., Brit. Med. Journ., 24th November 19 17. ^Lee, Brit. Med.

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cipitate. All that is required is to sprinkle the amount of the prepara-

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to fifty-five years. The explanation of this condition is that

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nature. In these inquiries, much stress has been laid upon the coagu-

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number, 265, females of the two countries ; and the third, the comparative ages

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latures so as to make certain provisions obligatory on

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a foreign body. The diverticulum is generally formed at the

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rence, 12; Springfield, 11; Lynn, 18; Fitchburg, 6 ; Newburyport, 5 ; Somerville, 10 ; Fall

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of the above-mentioned solutions. The applications of salves or

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Dr. VanDusen: Within the last year there has been two

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operation as long as the disease is tolerable — that is, as long as

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bodies of men of the same constitution {e.g., Europeans), though

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In most cases, the muscles of the back are early involved in wasting.

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her by a medical attendant, midwife or nurse, from any patient

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Complete recovery was entirely possible in such cases,

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pressure will suffice — such as may be exerted by a stick against the

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to poison their arrows. If introduced into the blood in sufficient

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amended ; after which the cure may be endeavoured by astringent

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