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Fees in Hew York. — ^The professional fees in New

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abilities except that all tuberculous and mentally ill

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his shoulder, strike the mirror in front of the eye of the-

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fore me. Had it occurred to me that such an assemblage

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Pathogeny. — The deposit of tubercle occurs in the two forms —

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litis with swelling and excessive secretion giving rise to

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ophthalniiis. atl'ecting both eyi s, wiiboutpulsation: episcle-

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be called for in the short period of time which has

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Harvey Littlejohn ; Secretaries, Mr J. M. Cotterill and Dr H.

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from their continual contraction while maintaining the

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ventral, following abdominal Hyperemia, acute active cerebral

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as before. About 3 c.c. of each of the gland extracts were placed in a

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the privilege of reply and any unjustly maligned class

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In a general way, the course of acute nephritis is as follows : When the

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per 1,000 female population; for England and Wales, 1909, the rates

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have reckoned without their host wlio believe that the Po jr-law M*-'dical

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rhea in this country (Norris). The world spends an-

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Smitli, 87 Harbord Street, Toronto ; Dr. Leslie Clinton Fallis,

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Do an aseptic operation. Change the sterilized dressing

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Phlegmasia alba, cause of, 222 ; following operation for

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a natural shrinking from the knife ; it is put off till

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case up to his relative Dr. Charlton of Dartford, who

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hand will readily traverse the superficial tissues and

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Kingdom, Lond.. 1897-H, xviii, 225. — C!ohn (H.) Snll' ope-

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was sanctioned by another physician who saw the patient, but which

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of the larger cyst have escaped, but the dense tenacious material forms a layer

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and Dr.Fiirber are also candidates. The secretaryship

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