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thrax, vaccinia, or rabies. A high grade of immunity to plague and

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potato. Meat is usually begun at about two years, the best meats to

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A. M. Jacobus for careful supervision of the work done

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32 Introduetion to the Study of Diseases of the Nervous System.

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that of another hospital may contain a much larger proportion of cases

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to the stock yards for weighing, or even taken out into the good pas-

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hour she was found bleeding from severe woundl in Z\l . m ? hout a *

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regard to the action of drugs. Many of the i)henom«na, both ])hysiologi-

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TABLE 29. — Behavior of Pellagrins with Onset Before 1908 in the Years

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a dying state ; and another was admitted for a self-inflicted incised

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have been fortified or refermented (port, sherry, burgundy,

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plete repose, and, as this condition of absolute equilibrium

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but in septic diphtheria it is of little avail. It may produce

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pontile angle. The failure of the vertical canals on the left side to

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The total mortality of this city for 1871 amounted to

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part of the vagina. In that case he amputated the body of the uterus, with

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enlarged, sometimes limited to one side of the body.

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usually believed. Position and size of the stomach,

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and treatment during the interval. After the removal

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andrian library, a.d. 640, and a sixth, Arabic Period, ending

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are so distinctly proved to exist, that the death-rates

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munication of placing at your disposal (No. 92, date May 29).

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most important. The sciatic nerve is the only terminal branch of the sacral plexus.

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Take a large piece, scale and wipe, but do not wash it ; salt

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as manifestations of the same disease, ditt'ering in intensity.

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describes as 'loud, harsh, dry, more like a bark, or a hoarse Meat, than a

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begin every day at about the same hour. In this case there is a reg-

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