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It seems probable that this table furnishes an indication of the
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day she complained of a troublesome diarrhoea and great pain in the abdomen.
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small opening suffices. In puncturing the iris the operator must direct the point
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MoUer. Origin of Urobilin, Berlin, klin. Woch., 1908, xlv, 1639.
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that instead of an oxidation a reduction takes place, is not one
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severe hemorrhage is followed by a rise in the number of leukocytes
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now generally suffer under pectoral symptoms, with abdominal derangement,
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Our incredulity is based entirely upon the evidence atiorded by the
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hour. The sublingual veins swell suddenly and as suddenly returr to their
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association of physician and surgeon, and the attendance by the
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and back again. He ultimately returned to his occupation as seaman.
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ber, 1840, fluctuation was detected in that part of the tumour which occupied
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essentially the same in character^ and that a distinction was made
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direct inference from these facts is, that, in the cases of apoplexy with effusion,
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shot; he was at that time raving from the eflects of the periodical pain, and
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pendently of treatment. But in view of the striking results obtained by
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The left or uncollapsed lung is voluminous; bluish pink in
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we have 35 cases. In that portion of the hemispheres above the centrum ovale,
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character of the urine, which "is increased in quantity both absolutely,
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knowledged plague, is of great importance in ascertaining that of the
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rabbit 27 definite old changes were seen in the liver seventy
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of the circumstances whicli gives rise to the continued form. He also shows,
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nuclear cells. When pyogenic micrococci enter from the skin, the
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during the inspiration; when he coughed this was replaced by gurg-
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of Graves' disease and including the cases that have been erro-
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we may admit that the "fixations" or "arrests" to which I have
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at the present time it seems possible to offer direct evidence for or
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X-ray Examination. Rarefaction of bones, with numerous exostoses
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mendinor, therefore, these portions of the treatise to the consideration of
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surrounding these fibrous bands contained many regenerating
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prohibiting proteid food, especially meats, in these cases of so-called

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