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mond, K.C.B., the decorator of St. Paul's Cathedral. The
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lactic or uric, it cannot furnish evidence. When the reaction is not
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which an intracranial tumour can be successfully removed by operation is
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A nearer approach to adequacy may be found in the pathological
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exists an effusion, and particularly if placed over that
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A third, and by far the more important method, could it be secured, is
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as a tight curtain stretched across l)etween the mouth and
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ball, of the same place, who removed the uterus for a
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from the uriniferous tubes. Finally, if evidence of the existence of any
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depression in the vessels. Belladonna, which makes the circu-
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longest. He recovered and without assistance walked to his
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operated seven times under chloroform, and my friend, Mr. Smyly,
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9. The presence of infected blood-clots is especially liable to cause
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when a suitable appendix was removed, that it was or was not affected
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some bled moderately, cupped, gave no cathartics, used injec-
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extraordinary qualities of Mr. Brockway as an organizer
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patient the slight chance of relief that the operation may hold
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my wife goes much longer she will be all belly." She
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sidered in all its bearings by those who approach it with an
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substance of which they are composed is supposed to be analogous to mucine.^
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merations of red corpuscles occur which gradually become converted
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associated with the prevalence of filariasis and elephantiasis, and
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culus" is composed of ammonium magnesium phosphate and calcium
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method in which the placenta was expelled, and this he described in
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growth of connective tissue. A permanent derangement of the urinary
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This inability to recognize objects is called astereognosis, a symptom
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Laurie Comstock Brian Dougherry David Romeo Donna Roscc
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The committee also reported regulations of printing the
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the known habits and ailments of intemperance, or some bad
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precision to the mechanical means subsequently resorted to."
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have lasted between three and four years ; and there have been two
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necessitated his working upon a high scaffolding, was subject to violent
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system and are especially prone to convulsions in infancy, and later to
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When they fail to act, or prove insufficient for the purpose sought,
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9th. — Patient says she has got rid of a certain " bound-up

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