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surface of fluid from ordinary hydrocele fluid, which has been set aside

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definite results, the disease is in all of them steadily

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tioD, or else by a morbid delicacy of their walls, a result of perverted

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cision do not approximate. Sutures are considered advantage-

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has been and is now no return of the ulcerations, although a

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it was warranted by cerebral symptoms. .John Hunter was

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be accompanied by fatal uraemia ; and, second, because many cases of

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intraspinal salvarsanized serum itself. We therefore selected patients

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Caroline May Bensley, S.B., Research Assistant in Anatomy.

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symptoms. At first a viscid, whitish nasal catarrh appears from one or

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public health and in whose direct line of duty it seems to lie to call

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12. The patient had suppurative osteitis of the pubis, salpingitis and

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suffocation, and, on reaching the head, followed by momentary confusion

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of them, as a moderate degree of cold steadily applied, or their

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The large white cells show very sluggish amoeboid movements, and often

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tached as surgeon to the forces under Colonel Knowlton, during the

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Twenty- four hours is not an unreasonable time for a first confine-

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logarithmic formula from the difference of the hydrogen ion con-

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effective unless some substitute were offered. It was

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any difficulty, and many weeks after her mother wrote to me, thanking

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instance of greatly concentrated blood, coagulating

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in typhoid fever, are here but little in evidence. Nevertheless, we may find

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are due to some pathological condition of the alimentary canal ; for,

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location in the abdominal wall being three or four centimetres from the

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in institutions conferring the above degrees (for instance, at foreign institutions

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(Jrossmaini adnnnislered one gramme of potassium iodide daily, and in

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cussion on the physiology of sleep. Certain symptoms diminished

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herself for treatment. For the past four weeks she again complained

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report on this subject, and I have no doubt whatever that if, at this

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•Read at the 60th Annual Meeting of the State Medical Society of Wis-

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increased. They inclose numerous granules, thus resembling the colourless

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require. Often I find that this is alone sufficient. If I find that

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have been erected, and their unfamiliarity with the

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with the causation of the disease in animals by the introduction of

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disease is a plus or minus variation or modification, sometimes

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Am. Journ. Med. Sc. 1890, xcix. p. 329. 134. Fox. Brit. Med. Journ. 1873, ii. p.

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