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National Convention 0/ 1880 /or Revising the Pharmacopoeia.

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dromic symptoms in the joints are '^ crackling sounds." We

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developed at the end of the second week ceased after a month's

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relief was attained, and I was inclined to believe possibly there was

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whose talents the public has been accustomed to revere, will now

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in some particular cases— such as that of French settlements

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instrument-maker, Gemrig, of Philadelphia, prefers half-tanned leather,

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regarded as a favorable symptom. The various eruptions of the skin

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toms and characteristics of the " congestive fevers " of tropical cli-

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measures combined the fluid in the serous sac is absorbed. By

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called as an expert witness, to have sympathies and convic-

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ing to its outer surface. Sometimes it extends at its lower part into

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excellent scholarship produced, and is a step in the direction

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maximum limit so specified in the sentence shall not exceed

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Hughes, M.D. and J. P. Dake, M.D. Part XII. London :

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The Mild Form. General bleeding I have very rarely practised in either

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further examination. The cardiac sounds were indistinct ; pulse 58, extremely feeble

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of waste products, and possibly to modify the character of toxic exudates.

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micrococcus; its nature was not studied. By similar means the peritoneal

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permits us to establish the presence or absence of such

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then, if possible, reduced the luxation, after the lapse of four or

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spatula finally I'evealed a bleeding point in weakness is seen in the right extremities,

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Before doing this we must know the chemical nature of rhus

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expressed in the paper, not only from a theoretical but from a practical

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purulent matter, and in some instances the horns drop off.

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late eminent Dr. Pereira. After passing his examination as

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faces, the same as M. E. Connell used throughout his method.

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point, or, finally, may mimic gastric discomfort. Very

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hours, notwithstanding the fact that the patient has taken nothing

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cave toward each other for the purpose of securing in posi-

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only in Pliiladelphia, but that abdominal surgeons throughout the world

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increase in the circulation rate will be indicated, beginning between

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years after the acute features have subsided, do not necessarily give any

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The corrosive action of the body fluids on the steel needles as originally

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he selects as his dividing line. The oldest patient ob-

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