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six hours thereafter, to the board of health of a city or town in which the

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mont Byers, down with what appeared to be measles. June 21st, the erup-

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in three or four days, leaving the tongue bare and pinkish red, with

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the greatest rates of mortality, however, not occurring at the point farthest

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the sternum, upon the fourth rib, and runs from there horizontally to the

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tients, and the insane; (2) to patients in whom the

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lium of the convoluted tubes. The interstitial tissue presents no inflamma-

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Definition. — An irregular convulsive clonic action of the volun-

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much so that the international conference which was held in Berlin last

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April 21 was the presentation by Dr. James J. Kolars of

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The Medical Observer; containing an impartial account of Advertised

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371 cases were treat etl by resection with icnloform plugging, 07 under 10

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passing into gangrene. The other viscera presented no particular appearance.

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is given whereby crystallized sulphate of physostigmia may be

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ignoring our weakness ; and to discuss the materials

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most impossible to be sure that any given marked hyperemia. Congestion plays an im-

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little diaphoresis but profuse ptyalism followed, and she felt

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alimentary canal. Some of them also had a stimulating effect

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he caught the tissue with a tenaculm and thus tied it, putting in fourteen

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scribed or diffuse, the borders of which are more or less

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our reach, we can only treat the appendant disease. The rupture

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of the eyelids, by whatever cause produced. Eepeated attacks of migraine

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being established — the engorged veins were soon emptied. Dr.

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stonuK-h and small intestine, or in the rectiim, in wliicli-

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Under these circumstances it is plain that active treatment can effect nothing.

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probable tliat if it be given in the sweating stage, tlie cliances of preventing

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gious emotions. These all result from rapid developmental changes

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which, after a few days, usually show a darker yellow cen-

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end of the trachea were fixed by strapping to the skin of the

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otherwise being dependent upon the degree of fever. Reitter believes

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alxloniinal pain in tliese two cases — in one it was referred to

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is well known, kills the cells. By this means the morbid tis-

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Such as the Bee, Wasp, and Hornet, are sometimes very painful, but

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The abdominal viscera exhibited no marks of disease, except

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16. Liver (macerated) + 0.1 1:500.000 dil. cultrue +

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work is still in progress, but enough data have been gathered to justify the

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Crooke's tube. The X-rays diverge from the focal point of origin and

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and angled against the second molars. (Figs. 1 and 2.) The

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