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the capital, in a great degree, have been deserted. Upon a little reflec-

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The motions of flexion and extension of the leg show that the tumour is

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"the charge is exorbitant, that he will paj' half a guinea,

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maoa made by the disease ought to be taken into account quite as

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the prestige and good work previously done by the older Societies.

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all other projects of a like kind, Dr. Gairdner is in the van, ever anxious

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itself, viz. : all forms of irritation and congestion. In

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ideas and replacing them by healthy ones. This is the secret of thou-

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for this treatment. The diseases for which this treatment has been greatly

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There were only two recoveries. Eight had early vegebalius in

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in these eases — as points of predilection — of this sclerosis in the

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paroxysms, so as to repeat the examination at especially favorable times —

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mon, the blood being usually passed in the stools. In Friedenwald 's

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published his results in 250 cases, of which 175 were negative.

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a very small bulk of fluid, without incurring the risk, that filling

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remains red for hours, even days, after exposures to very hot

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The anniversary dinner of the Medical Society of London passed off in

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incision through the vesico-vaginal septum must not be closed

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feet. At the top of the house they measured over eight feet

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the cloaca there are seventy to seventy-five papillae, of which seven

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Died,— At Saco, Me., on the 7th inst., Dr. Henry B. C. Greene, eldest son of the late Dr. H. B. C. Greene,

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collected autopsies. Medical treatment of cerebral tumors

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they reprimand and strike from membership 'quacks' who mislead

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father. When about 10 or 11 years old she had scarlet fever and

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Dr. WiciiKH thought that dcpend«-nco must not be placed

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At a meeting of the Medical Board of this Hosjiital, held

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local, according to the amount of reaction and the condition of the patient.

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sweetness of the urine, the credit for pointing out this characteristic is

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chronic ulcer, with pyloric obstruction. All agreed that it would be

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use of the term otorrhcea, and of using in its place the names of the several

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Foundation and member of the staff of the Mayo Clinic,

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The temperature at its maximum was 39.6° C. (103.2° F.) (noon,

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disease, natural vaccination, as it were, from the disease".' If so, sui)posing by

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favoured by the greater firmness and power of resistance on the part of the

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absent, but the arched suture over the antennae is well defined.

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and the pair together sometimes weave a veil through which the best-directed

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statistics are, of course, of but little value in the diagnosis of abeoea

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own impression, confirmed by an examination of the forceps-marks upon

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Oculist at the St. Louis Poor House, by Health Commissioner Homan.

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forced with a screwing motion through the pylorus into the intestine.

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nearly so. The writer has seen many instances of this.

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