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the fact that the onset was during the pleasant aud
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know to succeed brilliantly in empyema, be applicable i(y
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with gutta-percha or oiled silk, perforated or not. (4)
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demics, superimposed upon them; coincident with them; sometimes
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With probe and finger the vagina was separated from the rectum over
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she rose before 5, walked an hour, practiced an hour on
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invader, which finds the soil, prepared by another agent, suitable for its propa-
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Thus, in Malaya it is a common disease among imported Chinese, and
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Also, the spine is only a short distance behind the front
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exceptions which are rarely noted; and direct descent is so constant
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tem of keeping the hospital books was imperfect. For
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and are not concerned in the production of prostatic hyper-
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sitting up chatting with friends or, possibly, out for a little stroll. I
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opposite tubulures, and kept constantly cool, the last being fur-
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Among physical measures is the application of an ice-bag
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sorting to the hospital for instruction, of observing
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important part of the city's conveniences. Until re-
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subjects, and relates an instance in a young woman sten-
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altogether. The epidermis scales off, and the entire duration of the
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quinine and iron down to sulphate of aniline, and all with the same
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rheumatic pain in the left leg of sufficient severity to
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issue because of a report that suggested that the incidence of
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intoxication, it is possible for a reactor to " pull himself together "
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as manifestations of the same disease, ditt'ering in intensity.
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fuj color effects are produced when the current passes through
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correspondence whatsoever between alimentary hyperglycemia and
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explicable only from an embryologic standpoint. In the first
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and intelligible factors, we must fill our waking life with deeds
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by temperature of 105 J^® F., pulse 140, and respira-
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make my father a little drunk. I generally buy about two
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an, Pharmacol . EDWARD B . TRUITT JR » ph D «££ ^CHARDSON. Ph.D ; ■*■££*»££
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Contents.— Introduction— Ftegnancy; Early Months, The Patient's Outfit— IVegnancy ;
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furnish it. The public appetite for sensation topics is as exact-
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Mrs. Baines does not finish without making an appeal to
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or it may be that the sublingual pus, having dissociated
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rachitb. Doubtless this estimate is too high, and entirely at variance with
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tion, but this was not sufficient for a cure, and had to

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