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of bichloride of mercury three times a day. This treat-
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neck. A visible pulsation in the epigastrium occurs in hypertrophy of the
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text of the official Plan relating to Board action.
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was carried across an open yard past an infected house, and in No. 53 the milk
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1. The mass of the literature on this subject is mis-
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other hand, sanitary laws are applicable alike to disease and health.
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about the level of the fourth rib comes to be an important indication of some
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more the thorax loses its rounded form, and the more it becomes flat-
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general paralysis, and death. As the symptoms of asphyxia recur,
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man Beings.” Mrs. Aldrich was a co-author of the sec-
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be found serviceable. In obstinate cases the strength
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of weight in a number of instances of peripneumony, though, as
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stant labor, dogged perseverence, that will not give
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largement of the heart, as Fraentzel designates it, affecting
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the water used is pumped from wells, but when the supply comes from
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course, when this is the case, our efforts must be di-
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Springs, Mich. Sec-Treas : T. J. Trapasso, M.D., 816
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side of the house adjoining. No. 113, open into a recess
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itself and multiplies at the expense of albuminous compounds, but does not
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* Sleep and its Derangements. By WilUani A. Hammond, M. D.
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long their lives in accordance with that knowledge. The
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I in clearing the veMel for two days after h.r arrival.
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heat and bum the stump well down to the clamp; carefully unscrew the clamp
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Arinia (R.) Taifoid no shibo ni zukete. [Death rate
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of the peculiarity of their structure and site of attachment, but also because
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necrotic area and thus a scar is formed. When these changes occur in
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tervals thereafter, especially when standing or engaged in any
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Tkade EuuPTioNs : The Eczkma of Furniture Polishers. —
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taken immediately to assist in reducing this rate. Dr.
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cystic lymphangiomas. Hemorrhage may take place into these omental
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