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would more often be heard firom in the hands of the ^-

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the diaphragm, which was perforated, and the matter made its way

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as the opprobrium medicorum will soon yield to the activespirit of inves-

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and middle — are pressed on, and tenderness is also experienced when

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the treatment of this affection. With so many varieties of

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ditional element of unreliability into the findings. While analysis

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our patient. The constitutional and local symptoms of

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Again dissolve it in nitric acid, diluted with 2 or 3 parts of

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the production of local ana?sthesia. was pi'eferred.

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Meetings : The annual meeting shall be held on the Wednes-

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Van IJureu, Dr. W. H., abscess in the neighborhood of

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amount of tar-like fluid, and passed the same looking mate-

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of individuals and by the character of the lymph employed.

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ject by Dr. A. Weber, in a paper in the ' Archiv fur Ophthalmolo-

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or other ingredients, to divest it of its repulsiveness, may be substituted. Of

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ing a firm hold on tissues, ligatures, sutures, instruments and

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may have seen in the ward occasionally, affords a good example.

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rhoea, accompanied with fever. At this place, when Calvisius Taurus,

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ly exhibited, capable of doing much mischief. The violent

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patient, the excess of his alcoholic indulgence, and

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and attempt to flex it. For testing the posterior thigh muscles

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begin every day at about the same hour. In this case there is a reg-

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tides of food or other putrefactive or pathological changes occurring

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are present. An Ice Cap over the head is very useful, and should

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At last influenza shows symptoms of abating its ravages in Loudon.

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attend the administration of this salt, unless seve-

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origin and seat of which Corvisartand Laennec disagree; these are

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disease will depend almost entirely upon the attitude of the people to

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The respiratory function is not disordered, save by the ])ulmonary affec-

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many, while certain well-known men prefer it in all

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tabes dorsalis, syringomyelia ; (f,) Organic disease of the peripheric

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troubles in the sound eye, he passed on to the consid-

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Thirteenth Street, Milwaukee 15, 1965; S. W. Hollen-

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mission of sensitive impressions through the spinal cord is made, in great

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simple septicaemia, probably by the introduction of septic

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