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few moments; then the arms and legs became rigid; the fore-

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only witnessed in certain localities, — very often the breadth

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often simply raised above the main level of the floor high enough to

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tendon could be replaced, it was almost impossible to keep it in position. He

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The early morning is more or less cool, and a person

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hours under the umbrella of accreditation for the Universi-

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health of the citizens of the Commonwealth, and of preventing the

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through its effects upon animals. By this means we are enabled to de-

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Experimental and clinical data afford no evidence of a sensory

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pears to be this. A child born during marriage is deemed illegitimate when,

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patient. He predicted that primary care will assume a

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ing of calculi. I made a diagnosis of diverticulum,

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belonging to fifty-nine different modifications. If it were pos-

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constantly the changes wrought by toxins; in fact, the strictly medullary

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mended. I consider this method a very undesirable one, and

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quite prevalent that if he can only go to this or that spring, the waters of

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he did not return as expected to liis dinner, she went out to look

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chief aim to popularise operative midwifery. With them

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the knees, and equally marked on both sides. There was no

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sis. She had been treated with the cautery, but without

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Patient has occasionally tried to get up of her own accord, but

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should be administered, as milk and beef tea. Milk is preferable

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Cough, by Dr. Horace Dobcll— Vital Statistics and Meteorological Re-

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dually poured from the ruptured vessels, until it formed a large

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about, but the right side of the pelvis continued flatter than

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