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3. In this paper Dr. A. Bohrig gives an account of a series of
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stained for twenty-four hours with a solution of fuchsin in anilin
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ling In arms and lower limbs, numbness ; no paraplegia, but sense of
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discharge the ear may be syringed out, and then most carefully dried
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generally in a state favorable for the retention of nutritious enemas.
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and trials of a life not too full of sweetness, the
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muscles, and general disturbance of health, which was chiefly
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tween the time of recognition of the paralysis and the occurrence
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[Exhibited in the Section of Pathology, Friday, March 22, 1901.]
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physicians who are violently opposed to this system. On
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law, the truth of which will be evident on a moment's con-
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and slight enlargement of spleen. Great improvement in her condition was pro-
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tion is a potential pitfall of not considering lymphoma in
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marble. These objects were made of ' galalith,' or milk stone.
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turies back has continued to be the practice of their more
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geons, are apt to prove fatal in the majority of cases, and it must be
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dilatation of the veins. In Dr. Meigs' opinion, however,
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given an intravenous injection of 3 c.c. nuclein (Parke Davis). The
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ployed the correctness of these views, to my mind at
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relationship between Charcot's disease and osteo-arthritis;
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less. And he was greatly pleased to find that Mr. Adams did
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were included within the same blood corpuscle, we have seen the
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misled as to the real state of affairs, until, finally, the
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tember 27, 1919, ii. No. 13, p. 894) found it useful in diagnosis but
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ability, and of great and varied attainments, a man of science,

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