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that were not supeijacent and could not easily be peeled oif (croupous).
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doing so ; and that in the most unequivocal manner. Correspondingly
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sity of supplying fluid is urgent. Vaccine therapy seems to show
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swelling on the whole continuing, though relieved by opiate fomentations.
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became the “slaves of the public” because of the “inces-
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i/eeks after the start of therapy and then begins to subside as treatment
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ment from a general type. The archetype of the Vertebrata is com-
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sudden silence, which may be associated with sudden darkness, before
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duties of the bacteriologist w^ere too much divorced. Either the physician must
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cultures to other countries. A new and well-equipped
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other eye be closed. Paralysis of this nerve sometimes occurs in cases
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and is bathed in purulent material; and microscopic observation shows the
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Cocaine was administered intravenously to dogs. Hemody-
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the tuberculous process, were scraped with a sharp spoon. The fur-
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of eyestrain with which civilization has henceforth to deal
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check f-or the money from those men that have paid their dues, to com-
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called, and be found the child laboring with dyspnoea, in consequence
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are distinctly felt tlirough the cicatrix. About two years ago (1867), a car-
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the amount of uric acid present, although excessive output of uric acid can
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not be outdone by any of her sister towns who have entertained the Society.
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been insusceptible for many years. Unknown causes peculiar to certain
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me, occurring only once or twice during the first six months,
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eased bone, and from time to time small pieces of bone had

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