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the probe was really a portion of the sac itself. If you consult the history of a
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I will quote Doctor Black's paper in full and give some of the ideas
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only twenty to twenty-five had taken one course in medicine. Ephraiin
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cause severe reaction according to the depth to which
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report on this subject, and I have no doubt whatever that if, at this
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outbreak of the epidemic in Italy the Government made
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The skin had its natural appearance. In two other cases the effusions were in
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that of healing, and not altogether that of trying to
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necessary. Exercise could not improve the muscular force if it did
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some cases, been able to arrest its development, the disease has
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offered to the circulation by the extraordinary accumulation of
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and that notwithstanding the other requirements of the
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isordered, it may be that the former organ sympathizes indirectly
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and that it is one of our first duties to bring about
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tions concerning sanitary measures along railroads reported
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Diagnosis. — Hardened arteries, increased arterial tension, left ventricular
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diplopia or hemiopia, but that there is well-marked neuro-retinitis, witli
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several years ago by its successful results in my own case, and as the old saying
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poor, and they think it more economical to prescribe for
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which it is contemplated to commit tlie subject, and to
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M>rces that liave to carr\ on the b.ittle against shock, f.itigue, and infec-
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fall is about 133 inches ; we say about, for we speak from me-

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