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drain the bladder first by external urethrotomy before strictures situ-
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been prepared by Koch himself. The demonstration was inter-
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cases of syringomyelia in which, in addition to the usual
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Amount of Trine.,, ,,,.,.,,,,,,,,. umi......*..!...,.., 7794.81
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rence. Through the interpretation of the law and the
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radiate from this sphere, each bearing one or more chains of spores.
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13. — Symonds reports 2 cases of unilateral nasal
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production of reflex disturbances, yet they were fair
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of London, and materially diminishes their death-rate,
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knoAv. He'd bid me paint the glow of happiness in that home with
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parts of the body which are the seats of selection of the germ become
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atmosphere varies so slightly, that its influence upon sui-
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even enemata of salicylic acid, though in no case could the result
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literature is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on preoper-
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moter of the scheme to the expectant victim below, invites
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Case IV. — A child, aged 4, who had pleurisy and pneu-
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in the district from 20 to 30 per cent, to about zero.
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way as to exclude bubbles of air. The size of the drop should be
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but extreme cold seems to have no effect upon them, nor upon
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the first ease cited, I should not want to say that
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features of each are the direct opposite of the other.
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tions was entirely negative, while vaccinations upon
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of the more prominent of the deviations from the general course of pregnancy,
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with a factor dependent on anophelines is, I think, extremely doubt-
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1 Blanton, W. B.: Report of Diphtheria at Camp Custer. Michigan.
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the growth extending into the fourth ventricle. The upper
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Hernia. G. B. Burzaoo. — Compresses moistened with ether

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