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.seen. The whole organ presented in fact the appearance of
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and by that is meant just what it says, at once. If there has been great loss
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latter being carried off before any reparatory process can be accom-
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Bowl of clay pipe impacted in the oesophagus. The marks on the lower
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I have two cases that I have grouped under heading 3 (Miss P.,
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to entrust the care of his wife and lands." The foregoing
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Endocarditis and Pericarditis in cases of Acute Rheumatism.
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granulation or irregularity of outline. This granulation
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HoFMEiER {Ztschr. f. Gehurtsh. u. Gijndk., Bd. xlii. Heft 3) has collected
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One of the recent reports of the Kentucky Food Inspection
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sary to dissect olf a large wedge-shaped piece of the mucous mem-
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missible prevented the Surgeons from determining. There
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road, informs me that his road has a hospital-car in
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of medical service troop unit, the medical service planner proceeds
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change well observed in the pregnanl uterus, in which organ many of
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therapists meeting stated qualifications; to conduct
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ported interesting cases. It may commence in infancy and continue until old
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kinds of food, etc. etc. These are always acting upon the vital powers
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by the Departments of Microbiology and Dermatology,
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thelial cell is a connective-tissue cell flattened by
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objective as well as subjective symptoms lent stronger confi-
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