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quantitative relationship between urobilinogen and urobilin and

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been uniformly retained by Mr. Chase's inguinal pad." He can now walk the

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not perceive, however, that our acquaintance with the nature and

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In such cases, urobilin may appear in excessive amount in the

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bulging of the walls around the pylorus, such as is commonly seen

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VII. Causes of Death and the Relation of Early Symptoms

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in the signs of the active pathological process as shown by the cerebro-

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has been frequently exhibited to persons poisoned with arsenic, and in many

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of the prominent consultants of this country. Of two sisters, one (also

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because of ophthalmoplegia interna of the left eye. He denied syphilis

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experimented upon this nerve ; the results were published in the Quarterly

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as it does from various sources, from individuals, some of whom have been ac-

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60. Case of Bony Union of a Fracture of the Neck of the Femur within the Cap-

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attacked with the most agonizing head-ache, accompanied by violent throbbing

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enlarged and roughened insofar as can be determined from palpation.

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stance connected with its performance is the constant disposition on the part

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aged sixty-five years. The patient has had indigestion off and on for

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It is a remarkable fact in the history of pathology, that Duhamel's theory of

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believe very few will deny, that, namely, the morbid changes which

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at two or three other periods in Boston, Massachusetts; and to a

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instability. Besides when such variable factors as the bacterial

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howgver, the child is dead in the great proportion before delivery,

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ratory acts are almost entirely suspended, the pressure of the blood obliterating

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heal and contraction of scar tissue, together with compensatory emphysema

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uric acid of the blood in nephritic cases. In a typical case of arthritis

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of vessels. My experiments show that these vessels have no such terminations.

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who had but one arm. But M. "Vassal, on examining with care the coagula

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It has been proposed to employ brucine as a substitute for strychnine. Of

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stractions; the crassamentum is at first very large, and a portion of the red

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June \Ath. — He felt much relieved, breathed easier, swallowed better, and de-

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The remarks which follow are based on a study of 21 cases of

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evaporated almost to dryness with nitric acid, and held over the

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author says he would neither recommend nor undertake it again. In these, as

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but in a somewhat different wav. Practically all of the old statis-

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vigorous mind — a mind nevertheless, that we should shrewdly suspect, is a littk

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operation of trusses with soft pads; that in children over ten years of

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not alone technical skill, that is necessary for success, but that

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stain, similar to that in the stomach, above described. In the portion that lies in

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never heat, of the overlying soft parts. These phenomena have usually

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2. S. Solis Cohen, (a) Vasomotor Ataxia, Graves' Disease, Raynaud's Disease.

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probably has an early pulmonary tuberculosis, which would have

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