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be seen issuing from the fang, and dropping from its point. It may
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mary elements of the food may combine together, and by their combina-
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In reports of results there are also some discrepancies. For instance,
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down through the stopper, running the copper wire up through the
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Dr. Shaffer gives a full account in this little book of the
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The therapeutic problems which confront us in dealing with
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what kind of cases is congestion most likely to occur? Is it not in low
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by additional dressings, bandages, and bed-clothes, and a shorter
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1. Mrobes, which, like Bacillus subtilis, require air (oxygen)
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course of the disease these symptoms may become more pronounced. Condi-
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BouFFARD (1909). Bulletin Societe de Path. Exotique.
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the conjunctiva, which separates the lid margin from
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sister visited frequently, and in addition to this, she lived next door to a
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Brownian school," he says, "is endeavouring, with little good
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Use the metric system except for therapies that use
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Earache. Ninety -nine times out of one hundred it is inflammatory
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other, but gradually coalescing as it sinks, it ultimately spreads over the
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size of the calices, the size and shape of the pelvis
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it exists from the very commencement of the disease."
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Louis states that, in the epidemic at Gibraltar, he found the liver
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then if not relieved, the tear passages may first be treated by irrigation,
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have the choice of three different methods. First, injecjt-
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interests (education, agriculture, and so on). Moreover, it could
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main, in the action of the matter of superficial or
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loud gurgling sounds and a history of tuberculosis or syphilis.
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sentences m the following despatch appear to have been added to the
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pecially true of the muscular pains, the tender joints,
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Thyroidectomized Goats. — In 1894 Lantz treated two exophthalmic
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tion may, however, be dependent upon the degree of light
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and the comatose is made without difficulty. In a congestive chill the
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food or clothes intended for sale, to wander about the
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not reveal the translator's identity — suffice to say he has

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