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In the foregoing account of the treatment of simple acute pleuritis, it is
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ist as well as to the Physician, and evinces an amount of labori-
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most of us lies the vital question. What proportion of my patients
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progress of the inflammation to its natural end. This necessitates regu-
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fixation and for Alexander's operation. In his own practice
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process is too painful to be borne without an anaesthetic, and gives rise to
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splint. The little patient has been doings Times and Gaz., Sept, 18, 1858.
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sions. In the earlier stages of the disease, especially when ushered
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in insufficiency of the mitral. Thus, in aortic insufficiency,
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Surgeon-in-Charge of Preston Retreat, Philadelphia. With 90 colored
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have believed it. In like manner the ill-starred school-
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abundant ; itfi specific gravity 1014, slightly albuminous, and containing
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is turned and the canula removed. The quantity of blood thus trans-
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on the fifth; 1 on the seventh; in the remaining cases the time is
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irritation is often present. Jacobsen reports sympathetic amblyopia.
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Instead of the large pits which are frequently found at camps,
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' Till' i|Uoialuiii IS from a ropy of the K.>«8sy8 iti the Library of the Roynl Society of
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tannin, insoluble in water and acids, but readily soluble in alkaline
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treated on the subject; and the violent succussion sometimes
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two say, '^ occasionally," one "nausea or vomiting," another
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causes acting on the child afterwards, the principal causes may be grouped
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ever, believes he has found a method of treating li-
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Simple chronic myocarditis 6 Mitral and aortic regurgitation.. 1
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department chief is responsible for of 470,000 individuals — rather a
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August 23rd. Mr. Hamilton introduced the small director,
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generally limited to the arms and hands, but it very often attacks also the
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isolation of patients should continue until cultures
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" The mountebank that cutt wry necks, cutt three tendons in one child's
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resignation of Joseph H. Choate as president, made neces-
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art. It is an epic of the imagination, outstanding in pictorial design and endowed with a
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" cyanotic '' kidney. From the employer of the patient
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It will be observed that of the different forms of cutaneous eruption, all
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The general prognosis in hydrocephalus is decidedly unfavorable.
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Wassermann test, but presented no other evidence of syphilis.
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5h. 58m. Involuntarily passed urine. Heart almost ceased beating,
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the New York Orthopaedic Hospital and Dispensary. The former institution

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