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plied with well-oxygenated arterial blood, and the metabolic and

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Crenshaw, Peggy Cryer, William Dedman, James D. Foss,

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of common sense in the least certain of its guessings ; and never too dog-

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head of the humerus pressed against the ligament with great force ; but it kept

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9.66 per 1000 living, against a mean of 11 per 1000 for the nine years pre-

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expects to get, an unbiased exposition of the subject re-

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are succeeded by a swelled oblong pod of a dark color.

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vantages, especially where business and a permanent residence

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known to be in the secretions from the respiratory tract, all secretions

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as a rule. In Dr. Thomas's experience, no nrethod of

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to be married are much more prone to tuberculosis than other

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to

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does not deserve to rank as a specific. In 74 cases of erysipelas treated

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ciety, and the Middlesex South District Medical So-

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gation and removal of the internal jugular vein from the clavicle

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we can at least shun certain fatal errors which have

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glad to rest for a time from its continuous moan by laying its

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the former does not reduce Barfoed's reagent on boiling. This is

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rejection of the powder by vomiting. If the maximum dose

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(a) Lymphocytes. These are derived from the lymph-glands,

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its outline is considerably enlarged in all directions, and is higher behind the sternum than

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diate) or by inhaline the efflu vu from one already

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take as little for granted in the sick-room as possible, and think noth-

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the head, I believe in its truth, and that it can be fully verified.

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FEES,— For Kej-nilar .S<*.ssion. Ke^' i.>n,

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scaly, the scales being dry ; subjective phenomena are gener-

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cision of the iris the whole pupillary area was obscured by

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head, associated often with giddiness, we infer that there is

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Chickentox, Rubell.^, and Mlmps, l>eing of such slight im-

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ment be retained until it gradually breaks down and p-.isses

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the patient may commit acts of violence of which he has no

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the wound, hoping that it would heal by granulation.

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lighter forms, it was limited chiefly to diet, rest, tranquillizing doses of

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Botany ad interim) ; A. A. Foucher, Diseases of the Eye

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materials to the Committee for the Collective Investigation of

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representation from the specialty sections, such va-

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ever, this patient is to be believed, even the adipose additions undergo

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