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The distribution, according to sex and age, of the mill operatives
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heard of one law for the rich, and another for the poor ; but it is strange at this
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glucose less than about 200 grammes — the quantity which can be taken in
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The first symptom was severe pain, which preceded the swelling of
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visability of removing the nail in these cases. In a
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philosophy and the technique of refraction are given a very clear presenta-
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As germane to this subject, he would cite an instance,
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scribed in his Clinical Lectures* as an example of rheumatic
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cepting the alkaline (sodium, potassium, lithium, and
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and at no time completely contracting. It is the contraction of the
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enlarged, weighing eight pounds, and in portions, which were estimated
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not poisonous, but through their action they liberate or generate toxic
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PROCIS (Professional Credential Information Services)
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cation to the Legislature regarding laws f jr Medical So-
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using a glass syringe some days before. On examina-
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it shall not be necessary for such members to have lived two
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of the occlusion of some of the vessels by thrombi, although
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tinuous infusion delivers the opioids more slowly to
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But again, some thirty years since I was called to attend
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small-pox may be said to be a perpetual epidemic of the metro-
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abnormal, and there are no symptoms of inflammation about it. I
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may have penetrated pretty deeply, yet in caries indeed this knowledge is easily
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however,*the irritant action of the alcohol predominates over its narcotic action,
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The history of a typical case of phthisis pulmonalis in which the
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or tbey may be marked by the existence of other conditions. More frequently
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they, in turn, would produce hypertrophied hearts in
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extremely interesting, but that the investigations were
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able that these conditions are produced by the constituents of pure brass.
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statesmanship. Its care has been commit- in the state institutions The cost of main-
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I C. Handfield Jones. Studies on Functional Nervous Disorders, pp. 644-46.
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wet shirts, and other small things may pass as original, but
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patient becoming aware of it. It is also a remarkable feature of
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lotions to abate undue heat, a weak solution of the chloride of lime as an
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had ceased. As soon as the metallic drainage-tube was re-
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and other laborers in low wet places are especially liable. It is common

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