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from liver to kidney as the primary organ of erythropoietin

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freedom from any pronounced headache in the intervals. Headaches

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Ophth., Leipz., 1898, xlvi, 656-004.— Wainewright (B.)

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Division of Continuing Medical Education. Virginia Mason Medical Center,

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and in the establislmient of courses in science that are preparatory to

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the neck beneath the trapezius, and lay upon the sheath of the

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MS. V., fol. 52 b, which shows fraxinus excelsior (H.) Was

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some hours, this passes off, and there is no reflex sensi-

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with long-continued, extreme, and fatal apncea, as I have explained

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a bluish red, then brownish, with green borders, then yellowish — sev-

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the great difficulty is to empty the chest so as to allow of its

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a deep canal or an osseous ring, occupied by the anterior branch of the vessel, is

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expense of treatment recoverable was "* * * medical,

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lieved to ex])lain the condition. There was, too, some evi-

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of the arytenoid eminences and the posterior extremities of the vocal bands.

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extenfive, there is a quantity of air in die furrounding cellular

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the brilliant men who occupy many of the chairs of anatomy

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1891-2, vi, no. 23, 80-83.— liayet (A.) Experimental hy-

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general dropsy — in fact, oedema of the legs is only induced

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derable effusion into the scrotal sac subsequently occurs. In

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any regiment ■whose surgeons arc drunkards. More than one instance

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our knowledge of the nature and infectious quality of the

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know about pcrtorniancc. Ht'liability. Options And most ol all — sci'x inn.

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poisoning, vasomotor eccentricities, as illustrated in Reynault's disease

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generally discontinued. — Dr. Hunter in Med. Bee.

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soft than in the latter. This is notable in the hands and feet. Every

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Ange der Krokodile. Arclj. f. Pliy.siol.. Leipz., 1898, l.'iS-

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Tlie appearance is diagnostic, but other evidence of lead-poisoning may

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tions du Rein. He has collected 327 cases of renal opera-

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attempts made by the patient to speak were unsuccessful until

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vey be put into effect in the state, it is estimated

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bad cough every night. After treatment. — Breathing better, but

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in the epididymis, which is always the case with tuberculous disease.

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Case of Hypopituitarism — Dystrophia Adiposo-genitalis.

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