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port of their cases — including all the cases seen, whether

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Please make check payable to: COMPAQ and mail to P. O. Box 17550, Denver, CO 80217-0550.

antabuse availability in australia xmas

pire. The duty of the police will be to guard against

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the disease varies but little in its fatal progress. Laennee says,

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cortical sclerosis. The framework is denser, and secondarily the nerve fibres

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tion. This keenness or craving appetite I have often remai'ked as

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where to direct the ether spray, and, after about twenty

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excite the most lively dread lest the grace sought for should be

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and it is one of the eight or nine diseases which we can

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I have honestly, and I hope fairly, given the grounds

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citing election time, nobody could be bothered with consulta-

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active, wandering cells and do not survive long in tissue culture prepa-

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in a block of cheap tenement houses in one of the lower

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accuracy. I refer to the use of a hot cathode high vacuum valve — the type

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in both forms, the difference being in the severity of the

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considers the bacillus a secondary invader of the lung, and ques-

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a result of careful analyses of urine, that neither the phos-

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(Case s). S. R., male, age 48, admitted January 26, 1923. Patient has a

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sary to ply him with nutriment that he can drink — hot beef tea.

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character was soon revealed by the introduction of an insane man in a

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has preceded the present era. This is one of the great reasons

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result in some degree of respiratory depression in the newborn, especially if higher doses

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contagious diseases from one State to another, and for the

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They regard the second form of mucor or anaerobium as

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autumn of 1873, and thriven tolerably well until late in the

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In bad weather,, let them be warmly dad ; but their necks should

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tions of the brain. 10 It has frequently been found in

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formed, of which Lord Coleridge is chairman, and which in-

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Treatment in the early stages may consist in incisions to pro-

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later in full, and it is only necessary here to state that

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In an ordinary paroxysm of hysterical coma, the douche, as just de-

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shows disturbed function in infancy, as is evidenced by thymic

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