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sphere in Relation to Disease. By C. M. Fox^ M.D., &;c.
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Cono-estion of internal organs is necessarily involved in the cold stage,
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(nine patients) had ablation without heparin; group III ( 1 8
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not known amongst the natives, as tested by the experience
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the finger, passed well into the rectum, completely
doctors who prescribe antabuse in ct cdl
pharynx posterior to them, they, when the mouth is closed,
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acquired right hemiplegia, onset at six months, following
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retarded, have recovered sanity after attacks of scarlatina or erysipelas ; and
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Groat Portland-street. 2 p.m.: Royal Free, 2 p.m.; Royal Lond(m
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absorbable sutures are used, the thread should be as small in size and
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his eye was tubercular, though there is absolutely no history which
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ISAAC WOOD, M.A., M.D M.R.CS. (Eng.), F.O.S. (Edin.)
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negative value in cases of suspected delayed resolution or abscess.
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tract occurs ; and, on the other hand, as frequent lacerations
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was, therefore, a question whether starch might not be
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Westmoreland, have been transferred to North Brother
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infamous and disgraceful conduct in a professional respect, the particulars of which are as
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filled out evenly and as smoothly as possible with the full
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255-270. Also: N. York M. J., 1892, Iv, 197-201. Also,
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actually invading it; but that in other instances the gray matter of the
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one colony of parasites over another ; that the leucocytes — always
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to the mastoid and the internal use of pilocarpine are the most effec-
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of December New Orleans will furnish the people of that vicin-
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of ferric chloride. V. Fiirth has also found that on dry distillation a substance
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the processes by which heat is lost from the body (evaporation of water,
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Purgatives, diaphoretics, and the cautious use of baths, are
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physician need not carry the disease. In regard to the value of
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small vessels which are ruptured. Comparing the injured limb with
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between the solar C and D lines. A second band which is usually seen
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is removed at one or more points or quite extensively over large areas
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tonsils, if skillfully performed, and rtnders ligature of the ex-
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Vestnik oftalmol., Kiev, 1899, xvi, 451; 458. — Keyser ^
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tuberculous process.. Marfan observed that the arterial tension was
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the mucous coat of the intestines and combining with the sulphuretted
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th6rap. [etc.], Par., 1884, evil, 395-402.— Uclacroix (H.)
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We recommend that the appropriation of one thousand dollars for the
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ibstance, and which he calls myeolocytes. These cells exist nor-
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tion with the pneumococcus and typhoid bacillus is usually present
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help " this successful charity," which as yet had only lived by
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obstetric operations in many cases of contracted pelves, and
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The query is, What route did that bullet take to avoid all
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are specially exposed to this danger may, perhaps, be found in the experiments

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