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tracted hemorrhages from insufficient causes are repeatedly manifested.
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Valves thus deformed may also obstruct the blood-stream. As before
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the death of the patient. We often meet with the four kinds of pain
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^''thermic'' or '•'■heat-fever" while the latter, if paralyzed, produces
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times, cleared up the case, including the endocarditis, not a vestige of
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New York confreres are reported to be obtaining such good results.
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trichinae, if present, but also enable the microscopist to detect the posi-
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sounds than the normal. The attack is usually of brief duration — but
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to the nervous system, and the correction of any gastro-intestinal dis-
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renal irritation and inflammation. It is not improbable that the cere-
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of the parenchyma of the organ, with a numerical increase in their nu-
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lead to a gloomy prognosis. Says Osier: "With the apex-beat in the
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morning temperature was normal, his evening temperature 100.
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diminished, these changes being found also in the muscles that are
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painless, usually nodular, and feels much like a scirrhous growth.
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positions. Deformities of position may be developed, even at
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after the effusion has been absorbed. Occasionally the lower portion of
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Foreign bodies in the duct may be removed by free purging, aided by
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cleansing the membrane the rhinoscope will show the nasal chambers
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the formation of abscess or difluse peritonitis. As graphically stated
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upon ulcerative tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and the like.
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with regular habits, are prime requisites. Sometimes a change of occu-
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The spasm (the so-called "masticatory spasm" of Romberg) may be
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usuallv found in early or middle life — between fifteen and forty yeai'S of
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both to parents and to their children Dr. Muncie has written this book.
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communication exists between the subarachnoid spaces of the brain and
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crimination is sometimes difficult. AY. H. Thompson has pointed out
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within the gray matter of the cord. In this cavity-formation takes
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curs. In' secondary cases, moreover, we have to reckon Avith the cause.
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severe joint-troubles or endocarditis is present the temperature will rise.
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be made of more use or interest, such suggestions will be gratefully
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head of the pancreas there may be jaundice (due to pressure upon the
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In acute duodenal indigestion, which usually occurs in mid-

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