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dium, or in both simultaneously, your treatment must at once
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cited) relief from pain, soreness and disability. A second
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Papers for publication, and all other communications for the Edi-
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abating no whit of our dictum that the appendix like
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the departure of the first George for the kingship of England. This
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who came into the hospital on February 2d. His physician
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mended that the dosage be limited to 15 mg to reduce risk of
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in succession suffered severely ; and to the medical visitors, as well
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or mucous membrane hypertrophy (usually sequent on chronic inflammation), or
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mation in connection Avith boAvels, prolsably large intestine. It
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cessfully in the treatment of the night-sweats of pulmonary
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the papers occupied most of the second and third days. At the
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quito puncture is due to a drop of "poisonous" saliva injected into
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instinctive desire to preserve life (the fundamental self-feeling), resulting
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duties, has ever been ready with encouragement and advice. He has also contributed
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Diarrhea ceased and she became constipated. The general abdomi-
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given umbrage in some quarters ; for, notwithstanding that
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The Power to Reject Candidates. — \n important suit
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this subject ; and a farther reference should have been made by
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naturally tends to descend into the culdesac of Douglas. This is the
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sphere in Relation to Disease. By C. M. Fox^ M.D., &;c.
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scabs were mostly removed after a week, when application of Goulard's
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until the necessary negative cultures have "^^ Comp. (Hagee), from which the nu-
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ings. I have endeavored to give a concise but brief account of all
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deeply situated organs (at times even the bones), including the distribution of the
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that matter, anything else than inadequate. Indeed, it is notori-
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to so arrange that the work other than the purely scientific part of the So-
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facilities for laboratory and work will be af-
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very successful in their relations with the Chinese and in matters
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accurate, such as the statement, long known as a fact,
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progresses, dyspnea, cyanosis and edema become more marked,
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lowed to work its own way to near tho surface, the patient would
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mation, the distinction between it and gangrene is not easy.
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pilation of material facts, and he has utilized his opportunity with man-
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the dietary of three chlorotic girls only contained from -^ to ^ gr. A certain
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Sponging with alum and whiskey is sometimes very efficacious.
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blood from the urethra. In some cases there may be involvement of the
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2. The U.S.P. title of white Castile soap, or a soap
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slipper serving as the point of counter -extension. By
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first day of the disease. Her temperature was 102.8°, pulse 140, no albumen
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depends upon the anatomical locality to be treated.

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