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as ascites, or some disease of the lungs." — pp. 3MB, 31&
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67/t.— Esophoria 1° to 2°, abduction 8°, adduction 20°.
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or gradually reduced temperatures are most efficacious. For nerve
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Etiology. — In both these two typos there is a family
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observed with respect to these organs, admit of an easy and
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in a very weak solution, as exposure to light, will ma-
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excellent, but the healing-process had been entirely
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of the fifth nerve, and the st} T lo-mastoid artery pass through the
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normal size (a normal sized kidney is reckoned among the large, in distinc-
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costal space an inch from the sternum into the pericardium. On withdrawing the
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ther, also a student in the College, told me on our way to him,
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by their husbands became pregnant in the first year of married
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were 910 cataract extractions and 135 iridectomies for
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phores collect about the beating heart after they have left the vessels
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This disorder is peculiar to the inhabitants of tropical climates
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may further state that no special type of fever exists which possesses
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the large intestine is readily distended, and a diagnosis of
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origin, which often simulated the various stages of typhoid
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received on awaking from sleep in a field, andbehold-
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all, together or in turn. And that single cause may be an
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set up surrounding myelitis, and that haemorrhage may take place into
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of the sounds produced in the bowels and in the pleural
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reaction ; clears up by heat and NO,, but only partially by either alone;
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olecranon, which is practically the mode we are coming
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Here too, as in the preceding cases, we realize the value of this high
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ments of observation, or our modes of using them. In the
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side was large and lacerated and caused by a charge of bird-shot; it
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The inhabitants are well aware that it would be almost certain
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the areolar tissue where it causes painful abscesses (in tropical climates),
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From the foregoing figures it will be seen that wounds of the
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Supposing that mitral stenosis does exist, to what are
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monograph on malarial parasites. I present here only those points

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