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221-225^ — Ocscliwiitd. Luxation lat6rale irrfiductihle

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gloomy-looking chamber, which has no window in it; its walls

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shortened. In both lungs there was moderate alveolar disten-

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readily through a small incision, the original one should be

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A phenomenal fever case. Phila. M. Times, 1887-8, xviii,

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France, and similar implements were found. They belonged to

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control the convulsions any one of the following methods is

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de Beverloo pendant le l'^' semes'tre 1896 dans le service du

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Aquae Cinnamomi, ^j. Misce, fiat haustus ter in die su-

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Absolute rest is an important part of the treatment. Brown-Sequard

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abdominis. Tenderness was also present, to a less extent, in the loin

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tion is sent to the local health officer. The Public Health Service has

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atmosphere containing 10 to 30 per cent of the gas may increase its

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undergo; and the discharge of blood from the uterus, conse-

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of the practical application of that phase of science,

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the liver and, probably, of the functions of the other

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at all." He had studied the methods of teaching anatomy used

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kill the animal. Post-mortem examination reveals the

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better studied diseases of occupation and the conditions which render

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among them all no one has more fully exemplified the

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ing of the alumni association, and one which, however the un-

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have suggested. The acidity of the blood is only mentioned as, per-

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successful treatment is by suggestion and re-education — a fact which tends

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typhoid fever was prevailing in a certain locality in Indiana, and since that

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in an .?"'^ ,'" "■" '"''"^«'' *" " -"'^^^oWe narrfw stall, is

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ond specimen, representing the infective process twenty-

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formed — a view which has further the merit of explaining what is known

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the tendo Achillis ; the pain produced by attempting to

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by so much blood-extravasation as to resemble a primary cerebral hemor-

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of organization, and how far, on the other, it has partaken in the fibrous

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a school attached should look on the school as an intrinsic

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