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pital system of the war. Dr. Agnew was one of the four gentlemen

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Mr. Noble had had good results from teucrium 1 *, ter die, and

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En tero- vesical Fistula ; Senn's Hydrogen Gas Test,"

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R. E. Pierce, M.D., Class of '79, Boston University School of Medicine, is associ-

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time he also did editorial work in the departments of

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senicum z ° for three days, and then returned to graphites 30 ,

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three-year course which resulted in his graduating at the head of

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At first sight it would seem that pulmonary surgery is attended

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determined to move to a more wholesome neighborhood.

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central, easy of access, delightful, and with abundant accommo-

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wrongs ever found a ready response in his soul. Being a

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(Hering) ; itching in the ears, increased by rubbing.

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to touch ; stoppage of nose ; point of nose cracked ; frequent

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changes in the articular extremities (osteoporosis, etc.) invariably manifest

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of surgical operations, as being distinctly irrelevant to a work

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service with his regiment in August, 1865, at Cleveland, Ohio.

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that is to say, between the separated skin and the last layer

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you may deem useful, as in so doing you will undoubtedly

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tnre and has invented many surgical and gynecological

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The lesions being equal, the prognosis of wotmds of the

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thing properly arranged about the hospital, hard-wood floors, etc. ;

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cluded that the life of the child must be sacrificed.

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The second case is still more striking. A lady, aged sixty,

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Vernon County (Southwest), Missouri. After practising

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sequent history, as you will presently hear. She was not consti-

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Dr. Humpstone married February 12, 1902, Jessie M. Chalmers,

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power of producing these little worms : in reality they only

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The fourth case, a tippler, was not a successful cure, as I was

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lobular, deglutition pneumonia to develop in severe articular rheumatism.

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States since early Colonial days, Dr. Lambert being in direct lineal

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latter part of the year. This school was at that time one

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