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in salol coated capsules, later high enemata of i in 1,000

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rent infection of erysipelas, there was a marked de-

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at twenty-five years of age. Four years ago, without extra-

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Duffy, B. J., Assistant Surgeon. Relieved froin duty at

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nal, Sept. 24. 1910). It gives a latitude of from 10

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ly diarsenic tetramethyl, As,(CH3)4, or cacodyl, is

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months ago. Reaction negative. 'W^atched carefully. No

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with the Wassermann reaction ; a list, therefore, of

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sible to have the patient leave off the glasses but still keep

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most conclusive evidence, however, is the isolation

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fession, most of the older methods were inefficient

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postoperative pain. Oppel states that cocaine solu-

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sles or scarlet fever ; namely, isolate the patient. We

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the calling of an international sanitary conference for the

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afternoon, November 24th, at four o'clock. The exer-

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Hamilton. — In Lafayette, Louisiana, on Saturday, Oc-

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"Will the doctor tell us a little more about the treatment which was

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vestigations on the subject, had fallen into one of

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Dr. George Dow Scott, chairman, committee on ethics ;

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following partial list of such cases which were ad-

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fourteen cases of hereditary syphilis the results in

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McClintic, T. B., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted

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the eyelids can often be avoided by the early appli-

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even before she could fall into profound sleep which al-

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16 white and 22 colored. The deaths of children under

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which gave a plausible excuse for the conception of

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2 Cases which showed many features of general paralysis,

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the County of Schenectady, N. Y. ; Practitioners' Club,

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there was no sign of the bullet. The cortex of the parietal

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<';n .\tlas of Cystoscopic Views and Concomitant Text for

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Sandri. Revierv in Schmidt's Jahrbiicher, ccciv, p. 15.

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also, by inquiry from the witnesses, that they were

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blood picture, increased haemoglobin and diminished

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of least resistance, upward in the direction of the

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the concealed cases would be brought to light. This

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formed within the first twenty-four hours, when the

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with care to preserve the outlines as nearly as possible.

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