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8how the distribution of fatty matter in the skin in dry sebor-

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however, Wheelhouse's excellent systematic operation.

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convalescence sooner begun is sooner ended. I use in treatment the

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or enemataare in this acute condition very doubtful remedies,

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Roscleigh. Heaton Chapel, and granddaughter of the late Alderman

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Llovd, Rickard W., F.R.C.S., appointed Antcsthetist to St. Mark's Hos-

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Deputv-Isspector-General Maxwell Rodgers. M.D.. has been placed

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tion of leprosy will not by its means be set at rest we may

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said he had acted for twenty-four years in tliat capacity. As a

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attention should be directed to the grey matter of the brain

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Assistant-Surgeon Hull Royal Infirmary : Surgeon Hull Women's

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gradually died away in the cold weather, a,nd disappeared in January.

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the most prominent citizens. The chief responsibility fcr

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one society established in is^}, iu which the number of members at the

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tliat of a marine auiiual. and tlrat aiiimnl was probably a cephalopod.

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the nerve elements, and similar to those which constitute the

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at the present time, and from the ohvious character of such

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terns on the roof ; their covers are defective ; close to them is

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bodies give way, the pressure is relieved, an extra-spinal

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You will often read in books that when a woman has after pains there

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the parasites of cancer and sarcoma, to use the term

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filar.ardfserseieing prevalent in many divisions of the Madras Presi-

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Deputy Inspector-General of the French Sanitary Services.

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to the anterior abdominal parietes, the ileum, and especially to the

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by Colonel Hevington, some of whose men were members of the class.

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spond to his (Mr. P.'s) note. Need we add that the creation of friendly

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Society au account of four experiments on nutrition, carried out under

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befote. In Manchester theie were 104 patients under treatment for

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mpnts and noattemnts at pxaggeration ; yet full justice is done

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submitted plans and estimates, showing that the cottages would cost tiie

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goose's e^g, adherent to the contiguous parts and hard like

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tary fittings had been inserted here about the same time as

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