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hoifes from the favage and imlkilful pradice of mod

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organism is promptly excreted. The glomerular capsule is evidently

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treatment of this disease ; it cannot be said that much success has

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destroyed. The vessel then gradually dilates, and the outer and inner coats

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legs, one or both ; the scrotum, which may attain enormous dimensions ;

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ment will alfo be much greater, and aft on the organical parts

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ver, »^/V/. How to C'jrrcfl the inconveniencies which may

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arises subsequently when the felt is being made into hats or is being

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R. W. POWELL, M.D., Registrar, 180 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ont.

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vertently swallowed 77 grs. of arsenious acid. Subsequently, he developed

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per cent, albumin, and is generally turbid. The colour has varied much

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nodosum — then the diagnosis of rheumatism is obvious. As a rule, the

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they digeft, cieanfe, and correifl the malignity of

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sounds from the larger tubes with great distinctness, and as no air enters

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so that they are free from pain, and only are troubled with the associated

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are feveral methods fuccefsfuUy ufed for the cure of

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and then to receive a second blow directly upon the cerebro-spinal tract.

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During visitations of this disease, two-thirds, or three-fourths, or even a

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intestine may come in front of it, and then a mistake as to the size of the

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himself or others, in his attempts to escape from the ocular illusions and

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has occurred. In view of the importance of giving serum early, pre-

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L of being longitudinal, become transverse to the course of the intestine.

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quotidian ague caused by a tertian parasite, similarly, one of the swarm

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From these simple procedures some very interesting observa-

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process on Joseph Meister with a successful result. The treatment consists

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Headaches of nasal origin ivithout suppuration have been brought into

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to all thefe fads, is almoft invincible ; the experiments by

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Slight jaundice cannot be detected by artificial light. The yellowness of

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Those who have studied abroad know that the routine method is for

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ling. It is readily absorhed through the skin, the next important

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ell animals are harder in hot climates than in cold

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resemble those of dysentery, but the clinical features of the two condi-

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and centrifuging it, or allowing it to clot. The serum, which must be

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tinguish between the two diseases. There are physicians who maintain

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