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formalin sterilizer for instruments and all dressings now on
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alcohol, and such. Acids of the stomach destroy the diastase,
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ful condensation of the text. A repagination and an enlarged index
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many antiseptics or antizymotics are used by dealers, and it
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theoretical deduction is daily proved by clinical results.
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superintendent of the State Hospital at Norristown, Penn-
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Dr. Helen ^lai'^hirchy. Toronto, lias heen elected President of
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of Dietl, Wunderlich, and others in Europe, developed the expectant
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and chemical (iodine) test. By these tests the absence of starch was indi-
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(5) Internal Antipyretics. — Internal antipyretics are also eflFectual
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stale bread part of the water is combined with the starch, or perhaps with
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Foster. — A very good orange-red peach with yellow flesh.
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blood-disks which contain pigmented parasites. Punctate hemorrhages
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or tear them; and no sinisation is ])roduced, but watch. The
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and an illuminated address bv the Canadian Eed Cross staff there.
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combated by very cold and prolonged baths. I have endeavored to
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symptoms exhibit noticeable variations, according to the special etiology
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for surgical cases. The upper floor of all was occupied by the
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leadership of C. H. Burnett, of Philadelphia, followed by
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earthquakes as scarcely to appear safe as an abode for human
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he was apparently well, went into business, and now for sev-
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White potatoes are, I think, a much-abused vegetable.
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between the better and coarser cuts of beef. This is all right.
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Hicoria glabra, or Bitter Hickory; the Nutmeg Hickory,
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Many years of active and careful propaganda will be required to
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When, on the other hand, the body is exposed to high temperatures,
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deposited. When the process invades the kidneys through the blood, it
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judgment than for that of medicinal agents) has been tried.
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of the circulation," "improvement of the blood." For these he pro-
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absence at ]iresent as indicating that the diseases is not epidemic
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nificent ferry-boat, I landed at Market Street, San Francisco.
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Prophylaxis. — The patient should be strictly quaraiitined in an upper
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pharmaceutical needs. Sometimes the days seem useless
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march at a later day, and only lacking the elastic bandage,

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