Metanx Uses

Tumour of the Cerebillum. — Dr. IVtACCALL related the history of a
Iron, fine grain of Quinine, and the thirty-second part
spiration ; in a few cases epistaxis, and in one or two cases diarrhceaj
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bility. Enteric fever is nowhere more common nor more fatal than in
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patient is again under the consideration of the police-magistrate. The
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ports open a new and long-suspended series in splendid form (St.
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lobe of the right lung was the part affected. A cavity of the size of a
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distinguish them by their rough appearances on coarse dissection, neither
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present you with fans covered with them, and they desecrate the grandest
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The first meeting of the Pathological Society for the present session
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know what the Medical Officers thought they should have for making
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nent in the .service of the Society. Surgeon Rcpresentatiz>i of the Com-
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Erompton — Resident Clinical Assistant : applications. Sept 3rd ; Medical Com-
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use of those instruments employed at the Hospital, He advised them
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sive, sound in the faith, so long would she be a real support to our
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.\.M. on each day.* Application to be made to Arthur Beanlands,
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Lanchester, Croydon ; The Secretary of the Clinical Society ; The Secretary of
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of the existence of which they are perfectly certain, although it has not
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amination, the head only could be examined. The veins of the dura
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dermoid cysts so common about the orbit. We have yet much
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the walls of the rooms In which the patient has been lying stripped of theirpaper, but
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1. Robert John Price. 2. Frederick Worrell Friend and Harold M. Powell.
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believed there was no alternative but to press them to abstain alto-
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when the screw is worked. It was seen that the wire-loop could he
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and entirely fitting up a female ward, to be called the Baker Ward, in
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Mr. Husband said that he did not address the President on that occa-
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some present not members of his class. He had still a few sentences
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worked at the Laboratory for at least six months. — Sambrooke Regis-
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most important step for making the Association what it ought to be.
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wounded, and by receiving any German wounded who chose to stay in
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which might be passed in that Section on the subject of smoke-con-
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ing certain compulsory examinations. Now, this granted, why should
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