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Case IV.— Y. M. W., aged 33. No connection can be traced

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ravages of smallpox in Boston, are propagated in the country, to the

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struction grants since 1947, when Congress made the

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ment in tissue derived from the Miillerian tract. He refers to the

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special branch acts rather as a depressant, and discourages,

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in question, a committee of five, consisting of Dr E. Eliot Harris

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pense it. It only remains to add that some of the received descriptions of Tere-

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tion. Laennec, with the intention of lessening the embarrass-

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results of feeding and inoculation experiments on monkeys it may be

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contributions to a Medical Editing Service when warranted.

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value. You must use it in increasing doses, and this is

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tive meningitis, which still further involves the blood-vessels and even

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and others could be felt in the soft tissues of the joint. The

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an evil eye, but he, understanding their ignorance, not only

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4. Formation of board of management to be under the con-

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uals in given communities — differences to be explained here, as in the other

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colic. His ankle was swollen, he had gouty deposits

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Although there is a considerable literature on this subject, it can

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is concentrated, but contains what for acute nephritis would be a small

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locality have modified existing disorders, have banished some and intro-

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1851.] Nunnely on Anaesthesia and Anaesthetics. 437

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Ferguson GG: Extracranial carotid artery surgery. Clin Neurosurg

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lassitude, so that they took to their beds for from one to two days; but

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year and a half after this before he died. Postmortem showed

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biopsies in these patients are typically normal or show min-

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